how many times has your quality of life been decreased by a relational issue,

whether it be a bad boss, a dysfunctional romance, or
an errant child? If you have been left feeling empty,
hurt, or confused by the actions of others, then this
book is for you.

change must happen naturally,
progressively, and rhythmically.

Van Moody uses a deep well of life
experience and Biblical knowledge
to catalyze a singular motion in
your life: The ability to live free
and get along with others.

About van

Field expert Van Moody is an author, motivational speaker and media expert source who advises on matters related to relationships as they pertain to friends, family, significant others and the workplace.

Moody is a "People Scholar" who understands the power and potential in developing the "right" relationships and, in kind, he helps individuals, couples and groups build their "Relational IQ" to achieve success at home, in their social circles, and in business.

Dynamic and enthusiastically received in a variety of audience settings, Moody is an engaging and insightful communicator whose practical relationship advice and perspectives have helped throngs of individuals strengthen ties with others as well as effectively eliminate negative influences from their lives.

Moody has lectured in the classrooms of Harvard and Oxford Universities where he, himself, has also studied to further his quest for knowledge. Among his numerous affiliations, Moody is an associate trainer in Japan for EQUIP, the world's largest and most comprehensive grassroots leadership, personal growth and development organization founded by Dr. John C. Maxwell. He also serves on the board of directors for Joel Osteen's Champions Network.

Moody and his wife reside in Birmingham, Alabama with their two children.

it is written that "as iron sharpens
iron, so one person sharpens
another." (Proverbs 27:17).

Van Moody teaches that there are
two axes: The vertical axis (your
relationship with God) and the
horizontal axis (your relationships
with other people). Many of us have
cultivated a relationship with God
but continue to struggle in
relationships where we mistreat
others or let them mistreat us.

Pre-order the book TODAY and learn:

  • How to have healthy relationships
    with unhealthy people
  • How to positively engage at work and
    advance your career
  • How to identify and thrive in a "toxic"
  • How to know when helping someone
    is actually hurting you
  • How to set compassionate
    relationship boundaries
  • How to end relationships in a healthy
    and respectful way


And be one of the first people in the country
with a pre-order.

Remember, there are no neutral relationships. Every
relationship you have either lifts you up or weighs you
down, it either moves you forward or holds you back.
Knowing how to turn the tide on a negative relationship
can make the difference between a happy and fulfilled
life and a life filled with disappointment.

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